This is Blue Rondo à la Turk‘s linkroundup for when there’s just not enough energy here to opine on stuff. Enjoy:

  • Gary Locke, the U.S. ambassador to China, decided he wanted some dumplings so he got a famous chef to cook for him. You know, like the regular people do. [Shanghaist]
  • A painting of Jacob Zuma was taken down. The Times describes it as “a Leninesque pose with his genitals exposed.” [NYT]
  • Slacking college students, beware fake Adderall. [Huffington Post]
  • The Illinois state Legislature passed a bill that would require hospitals to give poor people free inpatient care. Clearly that means President Obama is a Socialist from a Socialist state. [Crain’s Chicago]
  • Here’s a farewell college essay by a Yale student who spoke out against Wall Street. She died in a car crash recently. [Yale Daily News]
  • Nate Silver says Obama is no Jimmy Carter, even on the economy. [538]
  • Aaron Sorkin wrote a play about intellectual property law. Soon we’ll all be saying “What’s the West Wing?” [Atlantic]
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